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Jan 25, 2014

All Night Crop Party!

Our 2nd Annual All Night Crop Party is coming soon! If 9-5 isn't exactly your style maybe the All Night Crop is more up your alley!

For YEARS I have had people ask me why we couldn't crop ALL NIGHT and why things had to end. Finally I realized this was just what the show needed! An opportunity to shop by day and crop all night long! No, I did not stay all night last year (although I wish I could) but the reports I heard back the next morning were overwhelmingly positive! I only heard a few pieces of constructive criticism and we listened and made those changes. They included:

-Including Early Bird admission both days instead of just one. CHECK! You got it.
-Dark and quiet room for a cat nap. CHECK! You got it.

In addition, I have come up with a few ideas of my own that are sure to add fun and excitement to the All Night Crop! Expect a few surprises!

This is an all inclusive ticket and is the only ticket you need to enjoy 30+ hours of scrapping, partying, shopping, games and FUN! I have no idea where you can get this much out of your scrapping experience for just $85.00!!

Come at 9:00 am on Friday morning and stay until we kick you out at 6:00 pm on Saturday!!

Sherry Mendoza is back as the All Night Hostess and she is bringing new ideas, new techniques and other crazy things that we will not talk about!

Visit our site for all the details and inclusions:

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