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May 10, 2011

You Know Your A Scrapbook Addict When...

Before I talk "addicts" I want to give away some more stuff!! So Congratulations to 

Velvet Shearer (message me with your info)

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Over on our Facebook page we have had bunches of fun thoughts on how to finish this phrase "You know your a scrapbook addict...." Here are a few of my favorites that I have seen:

You Know your a scrapbook addict...
when your husband tells you to go buy paper when your having a bad day.
when you can wallpaper your house several times over with your scrapbook paper.
when you take the picture before wiping the blood off your kid's scrapes.

It has been so fun to read these, I have been crackin up all by myself, mostly because I can relate and also because I actually am thinking that wallpapering my bathroom with some of my paper would be really cute! Wouldn't it??

Ha Ha, please share your scrapbook addict lines and I will have some goodies tomorrow for a few lucky commenters!


  1. when your kids know to wait for a pic before doing.. practically.. anything lol

    when friends come "shopping" at your house for supplies

    you'd rather scrap than cook, clean, bathe, work, watch tv.. etc etc.. (not that I'm that bad) tee-hee

  2. I love it! I can TOTALLY relate to your first one, my son just turns on the "perma grin" and doesn't blink. Unfortunately my youngest hasn't learned yet.

  3. Can I come shopping for supplies at your house, Sugar? Wait, I should probably sell off a few hundred of mine first to make room and foot the bill.

  4. ...When you dress your kids to match your great new paper and embellies before taking the photo. ^.^

  5. ...When relatives go out of town and ask if there's anything they can pick up for you at the scrapbook store! And that trip to the store is certainly not anything they would normally do!

  6. You know you're a scrapbook addict when you choose your new apartment based on the fact that it's located on the same street as your favorite paper vendors warehouse. (Yes, I live on the street by My Mind's Eye). :)

  7. PS - another one of my favorites is - you know you are an addict when you can name your top 5 paper designers faster than you can name your top 5 clothing designers.

    On another level - I know that I am a scrapbook addict because I saved even the napkin from my first Lobster experience because it would make a great embellishment to a page... (hmmm, eww...)

  8. You know you are a scrapbook addict when the Scrapbook store in town calls you to see if you have a certain color brad, paper or ribbon because they are out at the store.

  9. You know you're a scrapbook addict when you have run out of room for all of your scrapbook supplies and are condidering inviting friends to shop from you.

    Also when you drive 2 hrs just to go to a store to find 1 package of stickers that you are looking for.

  10. You know you are a scrapbook addict when you make your husband stay home from the Expo so you can spend his entrace fee at the Expo!

  11. You know you are a scrapbook addict when your husband knows he MUST plan his hunting trip around the September expo!!!

  12. you have more money invested in paper than food storage. "Sorry Kids I am sure we can live on paper." :)

  13. You know you are a scrapbook addict when you are willing to move to the couch so you can have a scrapbook room.