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Jul 12, 2011

One Big Announcement!

I am so excited to share some really big news!! 

A new area of shopping is being added to our September show!! YES! More shopping opportunities! Our new shopping area will be known as...(drum roll please)...


I've gotta say, I am so thrilled and excited for this new shopping area. Our newest addition has been in the works since before the March show and it is coming together REALLY nice. I am excited to introduce you to the talented and creative vendors that will be making up our first every Digi Lounge. The first introductions start tomorrow.

I have been fascinated with the digital options that have been cropping up over the past few years and even though I am not yet a digi scrapper, I am really looking forward to September's show and being able to get a hands on peek at all the things I could (and will) do with my computer.

Here are some more details on what to expect:

*The Digi Lounge will be a section of the show all it's own
*There will only be Digi vendors in the Digi Lounge
*Work Stations will be available within the Digi Lounge area available for you to sit down near the vendors and do some work with their expertise only a few footsteps away
* Internet and electrical will be available for your laptop for a small fee within the Digi Lounge
*Fun promotions will be going on within the lounge, so don't miss this part of the show

Scrapbook USA Expo has something for every crafter from beginner to advanced. If you have friends or family that don't attend the show because they are not a traditional scrapper. Invite them to come and see what our Digital vendors have to offer.

So, let us know - What do YOU think??

I have been somewhat of a slacker on our "Made By You Monday" but here are a few digital submissions that have been sent in by Adrian using Stampin' Up! 's Digital Studio. Thanks Adrian for sharing!!

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