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Aug 16, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions + The Answers

We are only a few weeks away from Scrapbook USA Expo Fall 2011! This is the time when I start getting a lot of e-mails and phone calls with questions on the "ins and outs" of the show. I love getting the calls but since there are some questions that I know alot of you have, here they are, with the answers! If you have any other questions on Scrapbook USA, post them here and I will answer them! Looking forward to a BIG show in September!

Question: What is the difference between regular admission and early bird entrance?

Regular admission is $12.00 and gives you entrance to the show at 10:00 a.m. on either day. We do have coupons available to save $2.00 on this entrance. Early Bird gives you early entrance to the show at 9:00 am plus a goodie bag from our sponsors that includes a small snack, coupons and product. Coupons cannot be used with the early bird. Early bird is awesome because you can start shopping your favorite vendors FIRST and have first pick of the many cropping tables for you and your friends to use. You cannot use a coupon on early bird entrance.

Do I have to buy my tickets online?

NO. We have 5 ticket windows available for ticket purchasing at the show. We offer online tickets for those who would like to use the service but we are happy to sell the tickets at the door.

Why is there a service fee for some online tickets and not others?

We use an outside company to facilitate our online tickets so this company charges a per ticket fee to make their money. Scrapbook USA is paying the service fee on regular tickets, so you are not seeing that fee. We are not covering the fee on early bird tickets so it is being passed on to you.

Do vendors take credit cards?

Yes, most of them do. Occasionally we have a vendor who does not process credit cards so make sure to bring at least a little cash as you will also need cash or check to pay for entrance to the show. There are ATM machines located in the Expo Center.

Does a Young Scrapper's Ticket include entrance to the show?

Yes it sure does. This is an absolutely incredible deal for your 8-16 year old. A $12.00 (no coupons can be used) Young Scrapper's ticket will include regular entrance to the show on FRIDAY and access to the Young Scrapper's midnight party. The party will be in the classrooms in the foyer from 7:00-midnight and includes karaoke, dancing, nail painting, hair glitter, open cropping using our cuttlebug machines and fun make-n-takes. Incredibly fun event for the up and coming crafter!

Why is electrical not widely available at the show?

First, we wish it was :). Electricity has to be paid for when doing an event at the expo center. It runs about $75.00 for an outlet. To make it more widely available we rent it and make it available in our VIP area and in Saturday's reserved seating area. Also, new at this show we will have electrical available in the Digi Lounge. There is NO cost to shop in the Digi Lounge. There will be work stations set up around the digi vendors where you will be able to use electrical for a small fee. Once you check out of your work station you will receive a gift pack of coupons from our digital vendors to use online after the show. If your laptop has a great battery you are welcome to work in the digital lounge at no charge.

What is the Digi Lounge?

The Digi Lounge is a new area of booths at the show that will contain only Digital companies. They will be ready to help, inspire and share tips on making layouts, cards and other projects digitally. You will also be able to crop in the Digi Lounge on your laptops and know you have these wonderful people only a few feet away if you need any pointers or help along the way. The world of digital has so much to offer in additional resources for scrapper's so visit these great vendors and see how easy it is to simplify some of your paper projects by doing them online!

How early should I come to get a table for cropping?

Hard to say but if you are coming with a group of friends and want a whole table for yourselves please plan on coming early (before lunch). Tables will fill up. We do have an overflow area of tables behind the booths in the northwest corner but because of how sound travels that area is a bit louder than if you were on the show floor.

How does the Expo decide what music to play?

We have asked our MC to play a variety of music from 70's to today. We also ask for different genres to be represented. He is open and willing to take your requests and play them so, if you want to hear something, just let him know.

Why did the show go away from paper coupons that could be picket up at local stores?

Convenience for our attendees was the reason. Many attendees do not have local scrap stores near them and others would travel to a store and find out that the coupons were either gone and the store had not let us know they needed more or the employees did not know where the coupons were. We wanted a solution that would be easy and convenient and would also be supportive to our vendors.

Do I have to buy my tickets online to use the coupon code?

No, all vendors also have pdf coupons that you can print and bring to the show. If you are having a hard time finding a coupon check our blog list here and if they don't have the code posted, send them a message and I think you will get a quick reply. Feel free to share on our Facebook page and blog a link to where you found your code. We have AWESOME companies that exhibit at our show and we really want to support their online blogs and websites too!

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