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Sep 8, 2011

Scrap Orchard Says "Hello Salt Lake City!"

Only ONE day left before the Scrapbook USA Expo! The Scrap Orchard girls are buzzing with excitement and can’t wait to meet everyone in their booth in the digi lounge. There will be make and takes (both digi and hybrid) and laughs galore! Be sure to pop in and say, “hello.”

Scrap Orchard Digi Make and Take >

The Scrap Orchard girls have also picked their favorite digital scrapbooking topics and packed them into five amazing classes. These classes are the perfect way to jump-start your adventure into scrapping the digital way! Already a digi girl? These classes can help you learn new skills and get your holiday gift making started!

The Scrap Orchard girls will teach you how to make inexpensive, handmade gifts for your loved ones in “Gorgeous Gifts: Digi Style” with Scrap Orchard. You will learn how to make a project once and print as many copies as you need! What a time saver. Register for this class here.

Many digital scrappers crave templates. The Scrap Orchard girls serve them up in their “Topsy Turvy Templates” class. Learn how to flip 'em, flop 'em, twist 'em, and turn 'em. Save money and grow your scrapping skills as you learn how to modify and re-purpose templates for a variety of layouts. You’ll even walk away with an e-book and set of four templates! Register for this class here.

If you’re already a digi girl, maybe you want a few more tricks up your sleeve. Learning more about your program can take your pages to a whole new level. Join The Scrap Orchard girls in their class, “Expanding Your Digital Toolbox”, and wow yourself with new techniques. Register for this class here.

Got your feet wet in digital, but don’t know how to make your own pages from scratch? You’ll be a pro in no time with The Scrap Orchard girls’ class, “Digi From Scratch.” This class builds on the basics from the “Quick Start PhotoShop” class below, so if you’re brand spankin’ new to digi, be sure to sign-up for both classes! Register for “Digi From Scratch” here.

So you’re brand new to digi or perhaps just digi-curious, The Scrap Orchard girls have the perfect class for you. “Quick Start PhotoShop” will help you build your skills as you create a page using a pre-designed quick page. Then you’ll create a page using a template. By the end of class, you’ll have two amazing pages completed! What are you waiting for? Register for this class here.

See you at the Expo!

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  1. can I bring my ipad or does it have to be a laptop?