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Feb 24, 2012

Care With Cards and Get Involved!

We at Scrapbook USA are SO excited about the latest addition to our show! CARE WITH CARDS! With Scrapbook USA coming up in about 1 month and National Craft Month beginning in a few days it is the perfect time for all of us to pitch in and get something done!!

CARE WITH CARDS is a way for all of us to work together using our crafting skills to make a difference for others. Plus, it is easy! Make a card, bring it to the show and we will donate it to an organization that can use it to put a smile on someone's face.

Easy right?? I know we have TONS of talented paper crafter's that attend our show. Together we will be able to make literally thousands of cards. The best part is that each of these handmade and unique cards will be able to be placed in the hands of those who need a way to share their love with somebody else.

So, let's get on to the details and then let's get crafty! For our Spring 2012 show we have chosen to work together with Operation Write Home! I will share more about this amazing organization later or you can learn more at

All cards donated to Operation Write Home are sent to military bases around the world. Soldiers are able to pick out a card at no charge to them. They are then able to send it home to someone special!

Instead of having to purchase a generic card or using lined paper or e-mail to send their love on Birthdays, Anniversaries or other special occasions we are able to share cute, creative and unique cards that they will be able to use to share their love.

Here is the criteria:
* No Glitter
* If using dark cardstock, use a liner on the inside so the writing by the soldier will show
* Only 4.25" x 5.5" in size - half a sheet of cardstock
* Some lumpiness is ok but save the buttons for another project
* No handwritten sentiments
* Include an envelope for the card

Before you start trimming your cardstock, there are a few "themes" that are in need right now. They include:

Love (not Valentine's, just "Love")
Teenager Birthday
"Just Because"
"Thinking of You"

Those are the 4 themes that need the most attention but Birthday (adults and kids), Anniversary, miss you, Mother's Day, and Father's Day are themes that they would love to receive as well.

Plus, volunteers from Operation Write Home will be at the show with activities for the kids so they can be involved as well. Plus, they will have more information on their wonderful organization.

I am so excited to get "Care With Cards" going and to work together with Operation Write Home as well as the other organizations we will be able to work with in the future. Together we will be able to give to others while enjoying the crafting we love.

Here is a message from Operation Write Home's website:
"Do your best work! Our heroes are giving up so much for us and they deserve the very best we can create for them. Plus - as hard as it is to think about, it's possible your card may be the final communication between a hero and their loved ones at home...make sure it's the best work you know how to do, that it's on good cardstock that will last well in a scrapbook, and that everything's attached securely and won't fall apart. These cards may be heirlooms - so let's create some really beautiful ones!"


  1. I love this program and others like it. I have been participating in a sister program for several years. I will have a box of cards for you.


  2. I must have missed something. Where do we send the cards to or do we bring them to the expo?

  3. You can send them in and/or bring them to the show. If you send them in we will be spotlighting some of them here to share ideas with others and we will be randomly drawing from the submitted cards to select winners for show regular admission tickets.

    At the show we will be having "card contests" throughout the day for prizes and we will again randomly draw from the cards donated to select winners for prizes at the show.

    The best thing to do is to start making cards! We are so excited to get involved with this great organization and to be able to donate thousands to cards to many different groups for years to come!