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Aug 27, 2012

Anyone up for some Imaginisce at Scrapbook USA?

Over the years Imaginisce has been a fan favorite at Scrapbook USA Expo. I am thrilled to let you know they will be at our September 28-29th show! Yippee! Plus they have some FUN new products to share.

A few weeks ago I spent the evening with our friends at the Imaginisce headquarters and got a “hands on” experience.

The crew at Imaginisce has been super busy with the launch of “Kaboo”, a line of handbags with a built-in tech pouch. I am looking forward to picking one (or 2) of these up. They are fashionable and have all the function I need when taking my iPad or my kids Kindle Fire with me on the road. Plus they come in dozens of styles and colors perfect for fall. Check out the “special” show pricing only at Scrapbook USA!



My evening at Imaginisce also included a fun project with the i-Top. I love this idea for a mommy/daughter craft. Easy enough for my girls but super cute as well.



I made a fun bracelet. We used fabric scraps, a basic bracelet base, and i-top brad daddies covered in fabric. I love the ribbon necklace as well.

Visit Imaginisce for more ideas and tutorials for fun projects with your i-top.

Most important, don’t forget to stop by Imaginisce at Scrapbook USA!

Imaginisce’s booth will be stocked with Kaboo, Gimme Clips (LOVE these) plus all the Scrapbook tools we know and love!

What is your FAVORITE Imaginisce product?


  1. I never even heard of Imaginisce til the Bella Bash but I really enjoyed using the i-Top to make a cute bracelet!

  2. The Bella Bash was alot fun, Stacie! Imaginisce is home to some of my most favorite products! Looking forward to picking up a new Kaboo Bag :)