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Nov 14, 2012

Placemat Book Cover

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Hello my wonderfully fabulous friends!
When I was in high school, we were required to have covers on all of our text books to help protect them.  Back then, the store bought fabric covers were fairly new, and not too popular. Instead, we made them out of paper grocery bags. I loved this!!! Not only was it simple and free, I could doodle on it all I wanted during class when I got bored. =)
Fast forward to today.... I got a great deal on composition notebooks back when school sales were starting.  I love them!  However, the covers leaves something to be desired...
book cover 1

DCWV to the rescue!!! They have these great Paper Placemat stacks that are 12 x 18 in.   They are the PERFECT size for making adorable custom notebook covers!
The one I used for the main cover was plain dark brown in the center, but I really liked the border... I decided it needed a little something more... So, I cut out the center medallion of another placemat and glued it on... I added some color and shimmer by using Creative Inspirations paint.  I then accented the center with a epoxy sticker from DCWV's "Autumn Melody" embellishment flip pack.  The very edges of the medallion aren't glued on well... as the note book gets used, they will tatter... I love that! It shows how well loved it is. =)

book cover 2
I could have gone fancier with my decorations, but I wanted to keep it fairly smooth so I can write on the backs of the pages without any bumps. 
book cover 3
A little crinkle ribbon allows me to tie it shut to keep all my thoughts safe inside. 
Supplies Used:
Paper: DCWV "Autumn Inspirations Paper Placemats"
Creative Inspirations Paint: Rose Quartz
Other: DCWV "Autumn Melody" Embellishment flip pack, crinkle ribbon, composition notebook


  1. Not only is this stunning, but it is extra impressive to me, who's a mega lit nerd and who always appreciates the beautification and protection of journals and books!

  2. That is really cool! What a creative use of the placemats!