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Jan 14, 2013

Look What I am Finding at CHA + DCWV Giveaway!

Many of our favorite Scrapbook and crafting vendors are in Anaheim right now for CHA (Craft and Hobby Association Convention). They are each showcasing their latest collections that will be hitting store shelves over the next few months.  I have had SO much fun visiting many of them over the past few days and getting a first peek at the fun product that we have to look forward to!

I have also had the opportunity to meet some of the newest companies in the scrapbook industry. I have left each of them with an invitation to come on out to Salt Lake City this March where they will find the greatest scrappers in the country!

Wall Hanging in Silhouette's booth

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the show was the colors - WOW- like a breath of fresh air! There is a nice mix of pastels and brights. All of the booths just made me think of sunshine! 

I LOVE this simple wall hanging. SO cute - Silhouette

I want to make one of these for my daughter's room ASAP! (Silhouette)

Fun flowers for a spring party (Lily Bee Design)

Lilly Bee Design

I was really impressed by many of the booths. Fancy Pants didn't disappoint either. I love their new paper collections as well as all the ideas I found in their booth.

LOVE the black mixed right into  the pastels. (Fancy Pants)

Wish I had a little boy that I could make these boats for :(. (Fancy Pants)

LOVE this card idea for Father's Day. (Fancy Pants)

Fancy Pants. I want this hanging in my house when I get back!

SO many fun things to see at CHA this year! I am just getting started! I have more photos and re-caps coming up this week! I hope you are enjoying these ideas as much as I am!  

DCWV is giving away 13 of their newest paper stacks (before they can even be purchased in the stores) to 3 lucky winners!
CLICK and enter for your chance!


  1. I hope fancy pants is in slc! Miss them!
    I see no give away with dcwv. Anyone else having this issue?

    1. Entered dcwv, fb wasn't working quite right for a bit on my kindle.

    2. Hi Yvonne, I talked to Fancy Pants over the weekend and they are excited to be coming to the March show! Great news!

  2. Fun! You've posted totally different photos than I've seen anywhere else!! Love the fun ideas.

  3. oh my gosh how fun!!!!! great projects!!!!!!

  4. I am so excited for the expo and super jealous that you are at CHA

    1. Thanks Nina, having lot's of fun but looking forward to March for sure!!