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Feb 25, 2013

Five-Fold Card

Today’s Scrapbook USA Expo segment on My Craft Channel features a fun and super easy Five-Fold Card.

You can watch the video version or follow my tutorial below.
I love My Mind’s Eye product for this card because their cardstock is really thick so it is nice and sturdy plus their 2-sided paper is fantastic. Both sides are always equally as nice as the other.

Five Fold Card w

Today I am using My Mind’s Eye’s brand new “Collectable” series. (I love every last piece of this line!)
Start out with a sheet of cardstock 8X12
You will need to score it on the long side at 4 inches and again at 8 inches.

Then turn it and on the short side score it at 2 inches and again at 6 inches.
Five Fold Card Step 1

Then you will want to make 4 cuts (free hand or with a cutter, either way.) Cut on the score line and end
when you hit the cross score.

Five Fold Card Step 2

Now you have 4 flaps. Completely cut off the top 2 (as seen below) then on the bottom 2 flaps you will want to cut off 1/2 so they are now shorter. Fold them in to check their size. you don’t want them to overlap just meet up with each other.

Five Fold Card Step 3 copy

Next you will make a diagonal cut. I am not good with scissors so I lined up the top corner with the bottom corner and used my trimmer but I am sure free hand works well too.

Five Fold Card Step 4
Almost done, Use some embellishments to jazz up the inside. You could add a gift card envelope to one size or put a wallet size photo in if you wanted.

Five Fold Card Step 5

Now, just fold it up….

Five Fold Card Step 6

…add an embellishment and ribbon and there you go.


Super cute! Plus lot’s of different fun things that can be done with this card!


  1. Love it!!! I will be making those for bday cards for my kids to give.

  2. This is my new favorite card design. I put a little pocket inside to gift earrings. Thank you for sharing!