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Feb 20, 2013

Staci Potter's Scrapbook USA Tradition!

Hi Scrapbook USA Expo friends, I’m Staci Potter and I blog over at The Potters – Place where you can see what we are creating, DIY-ing, and doing at our place.

For the past 7 years 11 of my dearest friends and I have attended the Scrapbook USA Spring Show.   We have a BLAST!!!  We load up our car with our scrapbook stuff and an overnight bag bright and early Friday morning and head out for two days.  The first year we just shopped.  The next year we started taking our scrapbook stuff to scrap the night away. 
The following year we got "super smart" and did the VIP thing.  I’m sure you are thinking, “Why would I pay money to scrapbook and shop?”  Well, we have felt like the VIP is the way to go because we don’t have to stand in line!  Waiting in line and trying to find a table big enough for 12 of us is no fun.  With the VIP we are the first to get in {15 minutes early to get settled in before everyone else comes in}, get awesome treats, vouchers for food, GREAT swag bags, and electricity! 
I personally love to walk, and walk, and walk around making sure I see everything I need to see and ensure I don’t miss out on any deals.  Others in my group love to scrapbook the day and night away.  I have a hard time focusing with all the BLING around so I shop and do very little scrapbooking.  I save up for the next year's expo from the second I leave so it is guilt-free shopping!!!  I try to go prepared with ideas of what I need and don’t need so I truly get more bang for my buck.  Expo is an excellet way to stock up on great  products at great prices.  I love the atmosphere.  They have contests, music, classes, food, and make-and-takes all day long. If you are looking for a great getaway for a day or two and love to scrapbook, Expo is a must.  They also have other items like clothing, bags, and home decor that you must see.
We spend the night, as a group, at a local hotel.  We stay up way too late laughing the night away.  When we finally get going the next day we head on back to Expo to do it all over again.  Two days of fun and bargains.
If you are thinking, “should I or shouldn’t I go” - GO!  It is so worth it and you'll have a great time.  I start looking forward to the next Expo the second the current one ends!  See you on March 22nd.

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