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Feb 7, 2013

Valentine-Christmas Decor

Valentine Christmas Decor

I can't believe it's almost Valentine's Day! I love this holiday for several reasons, one being that it gives me something to look forward to during our frigid January. And I love decorating for it. I've had this particular project on the brain for awhile and it was fun to finally sit down and get it done. Plus, it's another cheap craft utilizing things from the dollar store. Love it! It was also nice because I used some leftover paper I had from Christmas, the Die Cuts With A View "Traditional Holiday Stack". It was the craft paper with some red patterns on it. It matched the burlap perfectly!

Here are the supplies:

 Burlap (I chose a cream color), patterned paper, jute with a large needle, 
dollar store canvas, and buttons.

Measure your burlap so that it overlaps. I used two layers of burlap because the pattern 
on the canvas was showing through with just one. I glued each one down once at a time.

I used hot glue and wrapped it like a present. Be careful! Hot glue guns 
and burlap equal burned fingers :)
All wrapped up. 

Next week, I cut the heart from the patterned paper. I
just traced my own heart to make it look more homespun. 
I then threaded the jute (a thinner jute) through my large knitting needle
and stitched around the edges. 

Next, hot glue the heart to the burlap. The jute did make the paper lift (I couldn't 
get it to lay flat), but that's okay. If you hot glue around the edges, it will be fine. It gives
it some extra little dimension.

 Finally, I added my details. A couple of buttons and a really cute
canvas sticker from All My Memories called "Text Styles". 

I had this longer canvas on hand and decided to do an extra
canvas. Why not right?

I love how cute and rustic they are. Now, off to tend to my burnt finger tips :)

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