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Feb 1, 2013

YOUR Valentine's Traditions plus Fancy Pants Giveaway

A couple of days ago when we started our Fancy Pants "A Note of Love" collection giveaway, we asked you to share your Valentine's traditions on our blog. SO many of you did!  There were some really great ideas and I enjoyed reading them so much that I decided to compile them here so everyone else can enjoy them.

But first, if you haven't entered to win Fancy Pants brand new Valentine's collection - "A Note of Love", do it now! The giveaway ends tonight and this is a fantastic collection!!

Valentine's comes at the perfect time. The cold and snow are getting old, New Years resolutions are hopefully becoming habits and a celebration is in order (this is all my opinion of course). I don't have really 1 tradition that has stuck over the years except that I do something for my family every year. I like to keep them on their toes. Probably the most surprising and creative thing I ever did was burn a cd of "Valentine" by Martina McBride that I put into my husband's car cd player so when he started his car that song came on. Just a little gesture that really surprised him.

So, I have yet to decide what I will be doing this year but it will be unique because half of us will be on the road traveling to a soccer tournament and the other half will be home alone. Will have to come up with something that lets everyone know they are special! Thanks to all your ideas, I have a few things I am stirring around in my mind...

If you have more ideas, please add them into the comments below so we can really get this list LOOOONG and full of inspiration!

Your Valentine's Traditions:

We usually will have a little party with other kids my daughter's age and decorate heart-shaped sugar cookies and other fun activities! LOVE this line! 
We usually go out some place very nice.
My little girl and I bake cookies and cupcakes and we all make and exchange cards.
We actually don't have a valentine's tradition....just try and do a little something special that day. Last year we had chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. The girls loved them! 
We always decorate for Valentine's Day, and share some chocolatey treats!! 
I usually make the kids a valentine bag with candy and hide it around the house (too cold and snowy to this outside in my neck of the woods) and then leave four or five clues leading to the next clue and then ultimately leading them to the bag of goodies. 
I love making valentine cards with my grandchildren, they enjoy playing in my craftroom. 
My Valentine's tradition...hmmmm, yes, it's telling my husband over and over not to get me chocolate, because I'm on a diet and I'll just eat the whole box in a day while secretly hoping he'll get a small box anyway, because then I'll have to eat it or it would just be a waste of money, right? LOL! 
Love to make cards for my family!
Our Valentine tradition has always been a romantic dinner at home & some us time. However, last year my husband gave me a scrapbook (thought it was odd considering I buy them whenever I want), but this one was special. Inside it was a 2 page layout my husband made for me using photos of us on our 1st date. Secretly hoping he'll add a few more pages to the book this year. 
My husband and myself are doing the "Kiss Me Countdown", but we are giving each other a little something each day, till Valentine's Day! Fun to be had!
Make and send valentine cards to my nieces & nephews each year and I go to the movies every Valentines day.
We don't do V-day as a couple, our anniversary is too close, so we make it about the kids. my oldest helps to make a '
fancy' dinner and we set the table with candles and our best dishes. My kids love the attention. 
No Valentine tradition except to enjoy some yummy chocolate truffles! 
I LOVE Valentine's Day! My kids favorite tradition is the night before Valentines Day I decorate the table with all sorts of Valentines things and I always leave them a small gift on their plate. The next morning they get to have their gift and we have an all pink breakfast! 
We love to decorate our windows. 
I make my husband a special breakfast before he heads off to work. 
I am going to start a new tradition this year! I found the idea on Pinterest...You leave a heart on your family members' doors every day starting on the First of February up through VDay, and you write the things you love most about them on each heart.
I eat chocolate until I pop! 
I make love baskets for my family with a shirt, a valentine and a homemade treat bag. 
Our Valentine's Day tradition is to cook a nice "
fancy" dinner. We all dress up and practice our manners. Dad always brings home a rose for all 3 of his little girls :) 
I love putting together Valentine's treats (usually food like cupcakes or cookies) for my friends 
When my kids were little we would make Valentines together to give at school... 
My tradition is to make Valentines for my nieces and nephew and a couple little cousins. I do baskets for my girlfriends. 
As my other half usually has to work on valentines day, and our babysitter is usually busy we curl up on the sofa after the kiddies have gone to bed eating takeaway & watching a movie. As long as we're together we're happy. 
Usually the hubby and I go out and celebrate and make chocolate covered strawberries, but he's deployed this year! 
I make chocolate dipped marshmallows with my daughter. 

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