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Mar 5, 2013

Gifting a Gift Card Part 3–Gift Card Candy Envelope

If you are just joining my Gifting Gift Cards segments. You will want to check out the first 2 segments:

Part 1 – Gift Card in a snowglobe
Part 2 – Gift Card Wallet

Of course you can see the video version of all my gift card ideas on My Craft Channel. My latest segment will show you each of my 5 projects.


My latest installment features a candy/gift card envelope using BasicGrey’s “Hipster” collection. I LOVE this line and have had plenty of fun playing with it!

gift card w candy final

This project is another quick and easy idea for gifting a gift card. I started with a 12X6 sheet of cardstock. I used a cereal bowl as a template to round the top (scientific it is) and scored the paper in 3 places..
Starting from the flat end (the one that you didn’t use the cereal bowl on) I scored it at 3.5 inches, 5 inches and 8.5 inches.

Gift card w candy step 1

Separately I put together a little clear bag with some candy and the gift card. I placed 2 holes in the bag and threaded my ribbon through it.

gift card w candy step 2

Next I placed the bag onto the template and laid the ribbon out flat.

gift card w candy step 3

I could have added another photo here (I didn’t think of it) but instead, here is the finished product…

gift card w candy final

I used velcro to keep it closed. If you were to look into the side you would see the candy bag sitting there. It is attached by bringing the ribbon around and tying it on top. The base it is sitting on is 1.5 inches thick and is just the right size of bottom for it to sit up nicely.

I hope you enjoy this project, give it a try! Make sure to check out BasicGrey at Scrapbook USA Expo March 22-23, 2013!

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