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Mar 12, 2013

Help Us Welcome Picaboo Yearbooks to Scrapbook USA! + Plus Giveaway

We are just days away from Scrapbook USA Expo 2013 and we have LOT'S of fun and creative new vendors at the show this year! We are SO excited to welcome Picaboo Yearbooks and can’t wait to have you check out what they have to offer…including free digital e-yearbooks…that’s right completely free no print obligation for schools, groups, or individuals.

But wait, before I get ahead of myself I should back track…Picaboo Yearbooks is a new division of and they have leveraged their award winning software to allow individuals at any skill level to create a customized yearbook that is simple and fun to create.

I know your thinking yearbooks? What Picaboo Yearbooks is doing, is really more exciting than just yearbooks. Remember getting your yearbook and flipping through to see how many times your picture was in the book?  With Picaboo Yearbooks every student gets to customize their yearbook to tell their story; students can create a custom back cover and add four custom pages to the book all for free, truly making the book “their yearbook”.

The magic is, it’s not just yearbooks for high school, you’re going to want to check these out for your kids in elementary school and middle school and they can even be used for fundraisers for your kids sport groups and teams, cheerleading, dance, family reunions, group family vacations, family history books…the uses are endless because of the features and formatting they have created to make it accessible to everyone.

The web based application is free; you just go online and start your book. Books start at just $8.49 for a book with 20 pages and each page is only $0.21 more! I know the price is great but the best part is that there are no minimums that must be purchased to get this price and if you’re doing your book for a group you don’t have to preorder anything.

We all know nothing is harder than being the mom on the soccer team that volunteers to put together the photo book at the end of the season; you end up buying twenty books (spending way too much money) and running around to collect money and deliver the books, hoping everyone pays you! With Picaboo Yearbooks you’re provided an easy to set up e-commerce site so family and friends go online and purchase their book; selecting from soft cover, hard cover or the free digital e-yearbook and they all get to create a custom back cover and add 4 free custom pages to turning the group’s book into their personal book.

Are you ready to check it out?  Go to and start your project; books can be ordered as soon as they’re done and e-yearbooks can be downloaded for free starting April 1st. 

***If you want a chance to win one of five coupon codes for a free soft cover book just visit Picaboo Yearbooks Facebook page and tell them what you think of a customized yearbook for your kids! 

If you live in Utah and want more information on how to start your project or to talk about the discounts they have for schools and groups so they can easily fundraise using Picaboo Yearbooks then email Autumn at autumn(at)picabooyearbooks(dot)com

Looking for more info??
Stop by Picaboo Yearbook's booth at the show March 22-23rd!
OR visit these links:

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