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Mar 8, 2013

Spring Break Kids Crafts…Part 1

Crazy to think but spring break is lurking just around the corner! Happiness from me…but spring break is coming really early around here so who knows what the weather holds.

If you are going to be staying home for spring break my next 2 episodes on My Craft Channel are must-sees! I have a whole week’s worth of kids crafts going on!


Everything from duct tape (today) and dry erase boards to tye-die with sharpies will be highlighted in these segments.

I really love making things with my kids. They love it to. It is fun to interact and talk with them while accomplishing something different (and better) than cleaning the house!


If you haven’t played with duct tape, let me suggest that duct tape is a great spring break activity. Duct tape is perfect for boys and girls. My son has some BYU tape that he has done all sorts of things with. Walmart or any crafting store has a great selection of colors and prints.


There are tons of tutorials online for making purses and other nifty crafts:





Let your kids be creative and you will find that you finish up with a few of their own creations (ie. bracelets and rings). The more tape you have the better. My daughters especially loved mixing and matching the prints. We added a few embellishments using brads and cutting shapes with the cuttlebug.


Check out my segment on My Craft Channel this Monday for more crafting with kids ideas!

What are you doing for Spring Break?

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