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Apr 22, 2013

Care With Cards - Card Kits!!

THANKS!! So much for all the cards/kits/blankets and journals that were collected at the show!!

I have been organizing for a little while now and it is taking longer than I expected. I just have to look at every one !! I have a rundown of our total collection coming later this week but today I just want to share the beautiful card kits.

We collected 573 kits! I am super excited to donate these kits later this week to the Juvenile Justice System of Utah! What a great activity for the youth to do, plus once they are done with the activity they will have a DARLING card but more importantly they will have a card that they can use to write some thoughts and sentiments to somebody they love. These incarcarated youth are facing many challenges and so are their families and friends. I hope that some shared positive expressions can be passed on through these cards.

Now, let me share what I have been seeing for the past few weeks....

I took photos of most of the kits but about an hour into it I had to stop (lol). The secret to card kits is to do a mass production. Once you have the layout it is easy to mass produce a large quantity. Most of the kits came with anywhere from 10-40 duplicates which is no problem since these will be divided between a number of different facilities.

If you are not familiar with the card kits they are basically a ziploc baggie with a photo of the finished card and all the pieces needed inside the bag. Here is what they look like inside the bag:

The black and white is the front with a copy of a photo of what the finished product should look like. The second bag is that back side of the baggie with all blank card, envelope and all the pieces. Isn't it cute??

This next one is a cute "get well" card. Here are all the pieces outside the bag:

Honestly, every one of these kits is unbelievably cute. I am just really excited for this project!

One thing I noticed with a few of the kits was that the design was the same on a few of them but the papers on the inside were a little different.

This is a great project for using up leftover pieces. It is easy to come up with a design you like then utilize all the scraps around your craft room and put together 10-12 of these kits.

THANKS again for donating card kits!! It is just so incredible. I will be delivering them this week and in the next couple of months I look forward to getting feedback and seeing how fast they are used up. We hit over 500 this time and I would like to be over 1000 at our  March 28-29, 2014 show!

 I am looking for more organizations who can utilize our card kits and cards. If anyone knows of any group or organization please let me know!

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