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Jul 5, 2013

DIY Washi Chalkboard Clothespins

Have you seen those cute little chalkboard clothespins around the web? There are a bunch of Etsy shops and boutique deal sites that have had them lately. And I came really close to buying some until I realized I had the stuff to make my own! And it's a little easier on the ole' budget too (more money for crafting-yea!).

These were super easy to do, easily personalized, and I'm thinking I'll be making these for all kinds of events in the future-baby showers, birthday parties, and even Young Women events. Here's what you need to make them. Two of the supplies I used came from my favorite daily deal site-Pick Your Plum! If you don't know who they are, you'll want to check them out. As sad as it is to admit, I check their website first thing when I get up in the mornings! Some of their really great deals go quick :)

DIY Easy Washi Chalkboard Clothespins
Wood Wafers (I got mine from The Wood Connection and I've seen them at hobby stores)
Washi Tape (From Pick Your Plum)
Chalkboard Vinyl(From Pick Your Plum)
Wood Clothespins (found in the Target dollar section)

The wood wafers are super thin and come in a variety of shapes. Mine are oval. They did come with small holes, for threading ribbon or twine through, but the hole was covered up by the Washi Tape. First, I traced the wafers on the back of the chalkboard vinyl. Then, I cut around the inside of the tracing, making the shape smaller (so the washi tape would show around the edge of the chalkboard vinyl). I found three of my favorite styles of Washi Tape and covered the wafers with a few rows of each, wrapping the tape around the wafer to secure.

Once that was done, I added the chalkboard vinyl.
 I then cured the chalkboard vinyl by using the side of a piece of chalk and dragging it across the vinyl. This prevents the vinyl from "ghosting" as much. Finally, I used wood glue to adhere the clothespins to the back. Don't ask my why, but I've found that wood glue adheres so much better than hot glue!

These are so cute and I can't wait to make some more in the future. Next time, I'm using squares with dry erase vinyl (also from Pick Your Plum!). 

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