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Dec 27, 2013

Let It Snow Winter wall Hanging

Hello and good morning

It's Wendi here and today I am sharing a fun easy winter wall decor hanging using some Cricut vinyl. Not only is this perfect to hang up during Christmas time, but since it's more of a winter wall hanging it can stay up through January too.

First I got my supplies, the wood piece was from Joann's for 70% off, so it was just over $3.00 which was a steal.
then I grabbed some craft acrylic paints, some glitter paint and foam brushes:

I painted my wood piece and let it dry, once it was dry, I went and cut out my vinyl letters. First I cut them in cardstock to make sure they worked and fit properly, and then I cut them in vinyl.

I used a Cricut Expressions machine to cut my gray vinyl. I set my machine to blade pressure 3, medium pressure and medium speed. I used the "Jubilee Celebrations" font for the words LET IT and the snowflakes at 1 3/4", and then used the "Plantin Schoolbook" for the word SNOW at 2".

I felt like it needed a bit more, so I added some bling to the snowflake vinyl pieces and some misting to the actual snowflake to give it more of a winter feel.

I love how much you can do with vinyl. There are sooo many possibilites...

Thanks so much for stopping by.

1 comment:

  1. This is super cute! Looks like a lot of fun to make.