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Dec 12, 2013

Wood Christmas Trees

Hi all! I have a fun (and easy!) home decor project to share with you using unfinished wood shapes, acrylic paint and DCWV paper! DCWV has some really cute holiday stacks this year and the nice thing about this project is you can customize it to suit your taste and decor (traditional, whimsical, vintage, etc.).
To start with I got some unfinished wood Christmas tree shapes with dowels on blocks. Here in Utah we have a local store that sells these fun shapes, but I know that a lot of craft supply stores sell things like these now.  They look a little something like this when you're first starting out:
Next you're going to choose your paper. I chose some papers from the Jolly Whimsy stack. I like the whimsical look for these trees, but as I mentioned earlier, there are several stacks to suit your personal taste!
Once you have your papers chosen you're going to mark the FRONT of your tree and flip it so it is facing the BACK of the patterned paper you chose. Then you're going to trace the outline of the wood piece on your paper and cut it out. Don't worry if it isn't perfect or if you couldn't get to some of the really tight nooks and crannies. You can always trim it up after it's adhered to the block with a razor or sand paper.
Next you're going to choose your acrylic craft paint color and paint it up! I color the entire back and most of the front where the paper is going to go, but you can paint just the part that is going to show if you wanted to save time (and paint!)
Once this is dried you are going to adhere the paper onto the front of your shapes. You can use Mod Podge for this, but I was once recommended to just paint on wood glue and that has always worked great for me. I just paint on the glue the same way I would the acrylic paint and then carefully place the paper. The glue takes a few minutes to dry so if you need to reposition the paper it's not a problem. I use a squeegee type of tool to make sure there aren't any air bubbles and then lay it paper side down to let the glue set so it doesn't pucker.
While that is drying I paint my bases and dowels. I found some fun glitter paint that I used on the bases. I drop a little wood glue in the hole on the base and then place my dowel to help secure it. I do the same thing when securing the tree to the dowel.
Now all you have to do is add some embellishment. The possibilities are endless- ribbon, craft wire, glitter glue, etc. Whatever suits your fancy! I used some tinsel ribbon on mine.
I hope you enjoyed the project- thanks for checking it out today!

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