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Jan 24, 2014

CHA Wrap-UP , L-Z

Hello and good morning..

It's Wendi here again and I'm finishing up my winter CHA review for 2014.
ok, so let's get started and see what else was going on in Anaheim...

I've been a huge fan of this company for a looong time.. I swoon over their enamel dots, because they make me happy and look like candy.. LOL.. let alone their amazing lines. They had ALOT of lines this release so it was hard to photo them all.

Chalk Studio- it's all about the Chalk Board:
And some of the Now and Then:

I also loved their fun gold sprayed mason jars in their booth decor:

What caught my eye for the new Color and Bloom spray misting bottles. Which look like a ton of fun to play with.

Their flowers and embellishments are always gorgeous. 

The artwork in their booth was stunning also, check out ALL those layers:

and this cool car:

The Hello Sunshine collection was packed with playful and fun colors and very versatile:

And the cute little typewrites from the Pen Pal line caught my attention:

And this display in the booth.... I'd love to see one of those in my craft room:

 This company always manages to come out with cool new tools and products each year. The Tim Holtz Distress Marker sprayer was amazing!!! I watched him demo it, and what a cool tool!!! Also the mini Distress Ink pads and mini blending tools are at the top of my list to get.

And what a CHA without seeing Tim Holtz in action... really he is a genius:

Not only does scrapbooking, but alot of various crafty items- iron ons, tie dying and they also offer a monthly kit.
The Azalea line was filled with rich colors:
and this colorful wreath would brighten up any room:

One of my newer favorite over the last couple of years. Tons of fun embellishments from the DIY line with lots of happy colors. Their collections also gear towards making Project Life a ton easier.
Their clothes line display was too cool to see everything hanging:

Maybe just because I have a little one, but I was a total sucker for the cute You are My Happy line with the little elephants, the glasses, and fun colors:

The Daily Stories embellishments were great for daily scrapbooking of any occasion:

Maybe because I was a HUGE Hambly fan, that I love the lines with Allison Kreft's collaboration with Websters. Here's the Hello World line:

and Hello World embellies, stamps, paper clip images... and yes.... there's another fox:

The Sprinkled with Love Birds embellishment were a hit with me (I'd love to add one to a necklace chain):

One thing that was a huge hit at the show, were the punch boards, esp the Flower Punch Boards. I've used their envelope making boards before and loved how easy their were.

Scalloped Washi Tape- how has this not been made sooner?:

gorgeous die cuts:
Enamel Shapes and Dots:

And if that wasn't enough... for all you Survivor fans, Ruppert from Survivor was there doing a make and take with Tie Dying. So I had the privilege of tie-dying a tank top with Ruppert, who by the way, is extremely one of the sweetest, nicest guys ever!!!

So that's my wrap up of CHA.... what cool things have you seen? What's on your wish list? I know mine is super long right now...

Thanks sooo much for stopping by and have a great day......

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