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Feb 15, 2014

Early Bird Hour 2014!

I am SO excited for Scrapbook USA Expo 2014 and I sure hope you are too!

If your are new to Scrapbook USA (or a seasoned veteran), let me tell you a bit about what you can expect from the Early Bird Hour at Scrapbook USA 2014!

The Early Bird hour is all about:

*Getting the best tables for you and your besties to crop on
*Having 1 hour to shop before everyone else
*Stellar 1 hour only deals and specials
*Lot's of prizes

Early Bird Hour begins at 9:00 am (1 hour earlier than our regular admission) and is a very fun way to start any great day of shopping. When you check-in you will receive a nice swag bag full of coupons and flyers that will be your guide for your first hour of shopping.

 In 2014, this is what you can expect from your Early Bird Hour Experience:

*Incredible show Specials! Your Early Bird Bag will have coupons and flyers that will guide you as to where to shop first! (There may be a bit of product as well)

*First dibs on your cropping table for the duration of the day

*An Awesome special at our Receipt Redemption Table for that first hour only! Let's just say, if you are wondering how to increase your chances at winning a will want to shop in that first hour. Lot's of contest entry tickets will be up for grabs!!

Early Bird tickets are just $20 and include a swag bag and show entrance at 9:00 A.M. Tickets can be purchased on our website or at the door!

Finally....the most important thing to remember about Scrapbook USA- Come ready to shop until you drop!! See you March 28-29, 2014!!


  1. The best seating, and I love the get on a number for a prize, (I have missed it for a few years)

  2. So this is also for the whole day of the show?

  3. So disappointed in expo this year. Not as many vendors. Too many non-scrapbooking vendors also. DCWV, Imanginisce and Three bugs in a rug were NOT there! Waited a whole year since it is only yearly now and wondered what the check when I saw the expo.