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Feb 28, 2014

Show Layout Contest

Is your layout ready for our 2014 Show Layout Contest??

Remember, this year our layout contest is based on a sketch.

You can see the sketch and get the details and rules HERE

But before you go, check out Ange's take on the contest sketch for a little bit of fun creative inspiration!!

I used the sketch and stretched it into a 2 page layout. I just took the strips from the sketch and brought them all the way across to my 2nd page. Then balanced it out by adding elements in the lower right. Make sure when you embellish that you don't clump similar items together too much. It also helped that I let my journaling go over to my 2nd page too. 
Have fun creating! :)Ange


  1. super fun, great happy colors and love how you worked it into a 2 pgr and all the photos on there!!!

  2. Gorgeous! You really do rock the 2 page layouts! Way to go! :)

  3. Oh....
    WOWWWW! This is absolutely brilliant!!!!