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Mar 13, 2014

DREAMSAVER - For The Things You Couldn't Live Without...

I am pretty excited about many of our new Scrapbook USA vendors! Take a look at DREAMSAVER. They are a brand new company and are making their official product launch at Scrapbook USA!
DREAMSAVER is a NASA based company that's developed a state of the art disaster protection system, a next generation "Treasure Chest", for your priceless and irreplaceable valuables. Their product provides lightweight, large volume "unparalleled heat, fire and water protection". For the things you couldn't live without....

What do you have protecting your irreplaceable treasures?  How would you feel if you lost your picture albums and scrapbooks to fire or a flood?  Did you know that there is a house fire every 82 seconds?  One in every 310 homes will have a fire! 1.4M catastrophic insurance claims a year. Why take the chance!

A couple of years ago my husband and I set out to invest in a fire-proof safe. He had 1 or 2 items to store in it and I had my serious collection of heirloom photos, old journals and family history records. 
In the end we purchased a "top of the line" safe that is perfect for storing a gun collection and will keep our items very safe in a fire as long as the fire burns for no more than a few minutes. After that, my treasures are still safe, just hot enough that they will most likely be a melted mess. We did settle a bit because there really didn't seem to be anything on the market with the scrapper or genealogist in mind.
The new DREAMSAVER storage protection system is made specifically for scrappers, genealogists and other collectors. They are offering pre-orders of a limited, first run, of only 50 boxes for sale at the show.

Co-founded by a 5 time astronaut, the Team behind DREAMSAVER brings over 40 years experience with Space Shuttle heat shield materials and engineering. 

What I find amazing about their product is that it's been tested in simulated house fires of 1,600 degrees F for 30 minutes. Temperatures inside their box stayed below 175 degrees. And weights 2/3 less than a comparable size fire proof safe! 
Our friends at DREAMSAVER are very excited to bring their new product to Utah and introduce it to the greatest Scrapper's and Crafter's in the country. Their passion is to help you protect what matters most!
In addition to showing off and taking orders on their brand new product, they will also be giving away one at the show - a $995 value!  Serial number 001!!  If you would like a chance to be one of the first owner's of a DREAMSAVER safe, stop by their booth and show off a photo of "what matters most to you"! It can be an actual photo, or a photo on your phone. 
As this is their first launch party they are looking for feedback on their product. They would love to share their knowledge on how you can achieve the priceless "piece of mind protection" that we all want to enjoy!

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