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Mar 6, 2014

Meet Shimmerz Paints - Coming to Scrapbook USA Expo!

Shimmerz Paints

I am practically..... giddy....thinking of the fabulous vendors we have joining us at Scrapbook USA in a few short weeks!

It is really amazing to meet these companies! So many of our vendors this year will be there with new and exciting products to help us expand our skills, style and creativity! Shimmerz Paints is just one of the many companies that gets me REALLY excited!

So, what are Shimmerz Paints you might ask?? Really it's simple, they are a collection of water based paints that add spunk and sparkle to make any project shine!

The projects over on the Shimmerz Paints blog are absolutely amazing!! I currently have a white canvas, a photo and an idea in my head of a project for my daughter's room. I can't wait to try out these paints on my project.

The good news is if you are new to mixed media, they have all sorts of video tutorials on their blog. For example, this gift tag, isn't it amazing?

There is a fantastic video tutorial on the Shimmerz blog that walks you through this project step by step. 

The staff from Shimmerz Paints will be at the show, ready to show-off the amazing things you can do with these paints right inside their booth.

Isn't this card amazing??
Hop on over to their shop, blog and follow their facebook page to see more  about what Shimmerz Paints has to offer!!

Also, if you are looking for an opportunity to sit down and work up a mixed media project for yourself at the show, check out Sherry Mendoza's Friday night Mixed Media Canvas Class.

Sherry is an amazing and talented artist. She will be teaching techniques, style and art as you explore your creative side and put together this fun masterpiece for yourself!

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  1. Amazing layout! Can't wait to meet this vendor their product looks fun! :)