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Mar 17, 2014

ScrapCodes!! Bringing your Projects to Life!

Use ScrapCodes to add additional details to special layouts
This journal has ScrapCode's QR codes throughout 
We are less than 2 weeks away!! and we are getting really excited!!

As I have been following each of the vendors we have coming to the show it has been amazing to learn more about them, their story and their product! We are SO lucky to have so many amazing and talented companies coming to the show :).

The 1st vendor you will see when entering Scrapbook USA this year is our FANTASTIC Title Sponsor - ScrapCodes. Their unique product is perfect for adding  a personalized touch to layouts, cards, posters, games, books, etc!

ScrapCodes are SUPER easy to use. You do not have to be a techie to use this fun product. The ScrapCodes facebook page and blog have a number of unique ideas for using their product that are both handy, creative and useful. For example, this altered journal is a great gift for a 17 year old in her Senior Year of High School. There are QR codes sprinkled throughout the book so she just needs to use the code to add video, voice recording or photos to the journal. This is a creative way to get her to record the personal and fun details of high school.

ScrapCodes are very inexpensive and another thing I really love is that they can be photocopied. If you are making a handout or mass producing an invitation or Christmas card you only need 1 QR code from ScrapCodes and you can then duplicate it.

 A scavenger hunt is another fun way to use ScrapCodes.Check out all the details on putting together your own Easter Scavenger Hunt from an earlier post we have done. This is a fun Easter activity for the kids.

In fact, ScrapCodes will be hosting a little Scavenger Hunt of their own at Scrapbook USA Expo this year! You will be given all details when you receive your wristband at the show entrance. It will be easy and fun as well educational! Plus lucky winners of this Scavenger Hunt will have an opportunity to enter the ScrapCodes MONEY BOOTH for fun and cash!!

Make sure you stop by the ScrapCodes booth at the show. They are hosting a Make-n-Take and will have great pricing on their QR codes along with lot's of ideas on bringing your projects to life!

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