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Oct 30, 2012

Halloween Decor

Hi Everyone, Jennifer here! Only 1 more day until Halloween but if you are still looking to put up some last minute Halloween decor for your Trick - or - Treaters, no worries! This project itself is really simple. Basically, I popped the mirror out of the frame I got at the dollar store and tossed it. I have little ones and didn't want extra glass lying around. Then, I took my papers and decided which space I wanted each to go in. I used the frame itself to trace the different shapes on each piece of paper. Next, I traced the shapes on the cardboard backing to the frame. That way, I would know exactly where I needed to glue each piece down. It saved on the headaches of having to rearrange things. Once I had the pieces all laid down, I modge podged them to the cardboard and put a coat over the top as well as extra protection (I use the Hard Modge Podge).

The frame looked pretty cool with the different papers, especially because of the glitter and foil. I used four pieces of glitter or foil papers and two patterned papers in the middle. It still needed more dressing up. So, I added a pinwheel and used one of the little word art pieces that came in the paper stack for the middle. It says "Eat, Drink, and Be Scary".

Again, it still needed more. I had some great ribbon that I bought at Michaels from their Halloween line (they have a ton of cute ones!) and hot glued it to the top and bottom of the frame. I loved it but still wanted a little more.

So, I added a little Halloween banner, again with more paper from the stack. I used some of my gray baker's twine and hot glued the sides on the back of the frame. I also inked the edges. Finally, I added one more piece of word art from the paper stack with hot glue.

Voila!!!  Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!


  1. Really cute! Great mix of papers!!

  2. I loved how you combined the papers! And you can't beat dollar store finds! Way to go! --Andrea