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Oct 8, 2012

Scrapbook USA Expo Recap #2

How about last weekend’s shopping?? There were some fantastic new vendors at this show (wish I would have gotten photos) and there was some really great product at great prices
I am a shopper at heart but never really have the time to do the kind of shopping that I would love to do at the show. I did pick up a few goodies that I am really excited about. I have some fun Christmas present ideas in store so I will share my purchases later, once they are ready to be wrapped!
I do want to share a post from Natalie outlining her “finds” at the show. I was laughing while reading her post because I feel like a know the show inside and out but she found some goodies that I completely missed!
Natalie blogs at Hop on over and see how her shopping went at the show!

The Deal of the Hour produced a number of great price deals. Many of the companies took advantage of this opportunity to offer extra specials in addition to the already great prices they were offering.
I got to Basic Grey on Friday morning just as their Hour long deal was beginning. They had great prices going on all show long!
By Saturday morning I had pieced together a wildly popular new trend. I would say “out” with cropper hoppers and “in” with industrial wagons but cropper hoppers are in the industrial wagons! I wish I would have counted how many red wagons came through the show! There had to have been dozens if not over a hundred of these handy 4 legged friends! Costco and Sam’s Club really outta thank the Scrapper’s out there for buying these things up! If you are not a fan of red, no worries, I saw them in hunter green as well. These 2 lovely ladies above were in line to enter the show on Saturday morning when I caught them on camera. I wish I had a photo of them on their way out because I do not know where they put their purchases!
Now for this show’s “fashion”. The cowgirls were out in full force last weekend. I did see a group of ladies in matching cookie monster garb. I know there were a number of them but never saw them all together to get their photo. I did LOVE these new t-shirts (below) being fashioned by 2 of our VIP ladies. Super Cute!!
If you have show photos I can share please send them to or if you have blogged about the show please let me know so I can link over to you!

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