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Oct 4, 2012

Scrapbook USA Re-Cap Part 1

What a great show this past weekend!

Our Cowgirl Theme with the VIP’s was great! Perfect for the beautiful fall weather we are enjoying! A really nice cowgirl even gave me her IBC just in time for a much needed sugar boost! We took some super cute photos of our VIP ladies. I will get those photos sent out to each of you before the week is over.



The VIP Layout Contest was CRAZY impressive! I know the judges both days had a really hard time picking 3 winners because all the entries were fantastic! We got a great group photos of all of Friday’s entrants plus the top 3. Somehow I missed getting photos of Saturday’s layouts and winners but they were equally as impressive. (If anyone has photos from Saturday please send them to us)



Starting at 6:30 on Friday night was The Young Scrapper’s Club. We rocked things until midnight on Friday night and it was the was the BEST YSC ever (IMO of course). Our young crafters enjoyed karaoke, nail painting, glitter tattoos, hair coloring, gift sack crafts and Duct tape purses. The purses were an over the top success. I thought I had brought plenty of supplies but we ended up making an emergency run to Walmart for more Duct tape. In the end there was plenty for the girls to make a purse (or 2 or 3) and in some cases their purses were more like travel bags, LOL! The girls had a great time picking their prints, mixing and matching and creating some darling purses. Because of the tender age of our youngsters I only have a few photos of girls whose mom’s gave approval for me to share.


The Young Scrapper’s had their ears peeled and as soon as the main hall dance-off began a few of them headed out to join in.

Our Young Scrapper’s Club will be back in the spring. We are looking forward to more fun Friday nights with these sweet young crafters!

The recap continues tomorrow!

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