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Nov 6, 2012

Election Day Book Review - "You Heard It Here First"

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Finally! After what seems like years of waiting and piles of mail and commercials we finally get the opportunity to vote!

For the first time ever I took advantage of early voting. I will miss doing it on the actual election day just a little bit but I am sure I will keep busy enough.

But, for those of you who will be braving the crowds and long lines today, I have a fun "read" for you to take along with you.

I just finished reading

 "You Heard It Here First" by Erin McBride.

Meet Haley McAdams, a financial blogger living in Washington D.C.. Life as she knows it turns upside down literally overnight as she is swept up in a large scale political scandal while at the same time being swept off her feet by Camden Morrison, TV's hottest news anchor.

This was most definitely an entertaining read that swept me up into a romantic, intriguing and realistic political world that was so much fun. I am no financial blogger and the stock market puts me to sleep but Haley McAdams was still such a fun character to relate to! She was realistic, down to earth and possesses all the normal yet silly insecurities that each one of us faces.

If you have a Kindle you can pick up "You Heard It Here First" for only $2.99 on Amazon! Nook Readers can pick it up from Barnes & Noble for $4.99. This book would be a great read while standing in the voting lines today. If you happen to miss the crowds, no problem, curl up on the couch with some munchies and your Kindle. You will enjoy every minute!

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