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Feb 6, 2013

Care With Cards - Juvenile Justice System

I am THRILLED to get involved with the Juvenile Justice System through our Care With Cards Program!

Every year  hundreds of youth in Utah become a part of the Justice System.
There are a number of facilities around the state. Youth spend anywhere from a few days to months incarcerated in these facilities.

When I was 17 years old I participated in a church service project where I donated my time at the Salt Lake Juvenile Detention Center doing data entry. What I had really wanted to do was spend time with the youth doing some things more "hands on" but because of my age, that wasn't possible. Since then, I have always wanted to go back and get involved. Care with Cards is perfect!

Each facility includes an "activity" room of some sort where the kids are able to participate in various opportunities.

Our "Card Kits" are absolutely the perfect fit for these kids and they are thrilled to hear we will be sending these kits their way! Youth will be able to have access to simple crafts that they can assemble and use to write notes home to family or to others who could use a note from them.

Desired themes include:

Just Because
Thank You

Never put together a card kit?
No worries, they are really fun and you can easily put together a bunch of the same ones at the same time.

Please include all materials in a ziploc bag. Include all pieces needed to put the card together along with a photo of the finished card and instructions if needed.

Here are a couple of card kits after being assembled.

Here are a few of the card kits that were collected in 2012.

If you are making a card kit the best thing to do make 10 or 12 of the same one. Once you do it once, repeating it is easy. 

These kits will be spread out over a number of facilities so duplicates are great!

Glue sticks will also be needed. If you have a few extra glue sticks around the house, please consider donating them as well.

In addition to Utah Juvenile Justice System there are a few other organizations we will be supporting this year. Check out other opportunities:

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