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Mar 4, 2013

Gifting Gift Cards Part 1 (As Seen on My Craft Channel)

Happy Monday!! When I was planning my segments for My Craft Channel I wanted to put together a cute and creative way for gifting gift cards. Once I got going I ended up with a number of different ideas that I really LOVE!

Since some of them require some measurements and instructions I am breaking up today’s posts into 5 parts that I will share throughout today and tomorrow. You can wait for each of my posts OR better yet, check out a sampling of everything by watching today’s Creative Insights segment on My Craft Channel.


Sometimes gift cards are “gifted” as last resorts because we really don’t know what else to give but more often than not I like giving gift cards because I want to give my friend or family member the opportunity to pick up something special for themselves.

So, I have been brainstorming some fun and creative ways to give the gift card so that the receiver knows that it is a personal gift meant just for them…..

My first idea is also my personal favorite. I probably love it because I have 4 daughters and believe me, I am SO out of gift ideas. In my opinion, they have everything they need and if they don’t have it, I don’t really want it in our house. I have recently started giving them gift cards more often. The gift cards are meant to be used on dates with Dad or I. Last year I gave my 8 year old a gift certificate to Hales Theatre. We ended up having a fabulous time together seeing “The Sound of Music”. So with all the little girls in my home you can imagine that they would probably be intrigued if they received one of these for their birthday…


My 4 year old loves snowglobes and asked for one for Christmas. I had seen tutorials for making them (which I meant to do over the holidays) but never did it. So instead, why not make one with the gift card inside. Putting together this temporary gift is super easy.

Just take a canning jar and fill it with water. Add some glitter (amount is up to you). Next get a ring with a canning lid inside. I used a couple glue dots to attach the gift card to the inside of the lid. I found this cute minnie around my house and she was a perfect fit inside the jar. I had planned on using glue dots to attach her to the lid but I didn’t need to because she fit in so snuggly.

Lastly I put the lid in place, screwed it tight and turned the jar upside down. Of course it needed a little more so I cut that trim with some BasicGrey paper and attached it with the bow and there it is, a cute and intriguing way to gift a gift card.

In addition, I love that after a special gift card is used , like this DisneyLand card, the memory can be remembered by keeping it safe in a homemade snowglobe.

So, Happy Gifting! Stay tuned for more gift card ideas later today...

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