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Mar 4, 2013

Gifting Gift Cards Part 2 (As Seen on My Craft Channel)

I really went a little crazy with gift card ideas! I was looking for one fun and new idea and ended up with a number of ideas that I plan on using over and over.

You can check out ALL my ideas at once at My Craft Channel by watching my latest segment or you can follow me today and tomorrow while I roll out each one individually!


Earlier this morning I shared my Gift card snowglobe idea. Make sure to check that one out, it is SUPER cute! Now, I have a quick gift card wallet idea that works great for any occasion.

Today I am using BasicGrey’s new “Kneehighs & Bowties” collection. It is a super fun and young collection. This will be perfect for my niece’s birthday.


I cut my paper to 12X6 and scored it in 2 places. I just “eyeballed” my folds to get it the size that I wanted. To get my rounded edges I used a cereal bowl as a template (very high-tech) and rounded it to my desired look. I added a pocket to the inside and some velcro for my closures.

I like how there is plenty of space on the inside to write a little note, personal message or add a photo. This space is perfect for my family of 7 because I like everybody to write their own names on cards and most of my kiddo’s names end with flowers and hearts (at least when they write their own names) so the extra space is perfect.

I think I am going to make one of these for Mother’s Day as well. Instead of a gift card I could add little notes and poems from each of the kids.

Super versatile and best of all SUPER easy! I hope you have as much fun as I have had putting together and personalizing one of these little Gift Card Wallets!


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