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Mar 19, 2013

Shopper Bags! Save Those Receipts!

WOW! Scrapbook USA is in 4 short days!! Crazy!

I am SO ready to get some shopping done, meet up with old friends and make some new friends! I really can't wait to get things going!

Make sure to save your receipts while shopping at the show this week! All day you can take your receipts to our redemption booth near the stage and you will receive a drawing ticket for each $25.00 you spend.

If you are quick enough you can also pick up one of our “Shopper Bags”. These bags are usually gone in a flash so you will want to be quick. Shopper bags come in 3 spending levels:


Once you spend $100 you can redeem your receipts or wait until you spend more and go for a higher level. Just don’t wait too long. These bags are usually gone in the first hours of the show.

Le Paper Cafe Logo

Le Paper Café is just one of the many fantastic companies who have donated product to the upper 2 level bags. (Check out their packing tape, it is DARLING!).
See you at Scrapbook USA Expo – This FRIDAY!

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