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Mar 18, 2013

Tye-Dye T’s with Sharpies Tutorial

Tye-dye t’s are still GROOVY but making them with kids can be less than GROOVY unless you are doing it with sharpies! I pinned this idea off the sharpie website forever ago and just realized this is a great spring break activity that we really needed to try.
Check out my complete videos of kids crafts on My Craft Channel! Lot’s of fun ideas to get you ready to ROCK spring break!
My 10 year old absolutely LOVED this craft, which means her younger sisters are going to love it too. The best part is that she was able be as creative as she wanted to be.
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The first time my daughter played around with it the colors were fairly light. Later on (after the above photo) she sat back down and was much more aggressive with her coloring and the colors ended up deeper and darker.
To get started on this one you will need:
Bottle of Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (at least 70%)
Medicine Dropper
Sharpie markers
Paper cup
White t-shirt
To get started we put put a piece of the t-shirt over the opening of the paper cup and used a rubberband to hold it in place.
She started by making round dots all over the designated area. She was afraid to go dark at first but once she got going she started playing more with the colors and tried lot’s of different designs.
The more color you add and the less space you leave, the better. Thin lines didn’t work as well. The colors were able to spread the best when they were thick.
Next we filled the medicine dropper with alcohol and began applying it to the colored areas.
Once we added enough color to one area to get the color to spread, it was time to adjust the fabric and work on the next area.
Once the shirt is colored to your desired look, throw it into the dryer until it dries and that will set the colors.
Happy Crafting!
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