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May 6, 2013

Huntsman Cancer Institute Donation

I will be delivering our donation to Huntsman Cancer Institute this week and boy, it is SUPER exciting!! Their biggest needs right now are journals, blankets and of course they are always looking for hats. Our donation of collected items from the March show includes:

*71 Journals

*19 hats

*55 Blankets


Each time a patient begins the chemo/radiation process they receive a blanket and a journal for documenting their journey. What great gifts future patients will receive!!

Every one of the blankets are absolutely beautiful. Here is just a little sample of what was donated. I do believe Scrapbooker’s are the most creative people around (I am not biased or anything, lol). I have 4 boxes of blankets and I know they are going to be LOVED!


The journals are composition notebooks covered with paper and embellishments. Every one of them is absolutely darling. We got a great variety so that is fantastic! There is something for every age group as well as for boys and girls. Composition notebooks go on sale every July and August for SO cheap so watch for the sales so we can get a jump start on projects for the next show.




THANKS to everyone for the spectacular donations!! I am so excited to deliver them to the Hospital and I am sure they will be thrilled!

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