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Jan 30, 2014

Blankets & Hats

If you haven't been following the blog this week, I have been highlighting all this week the different opportunities we have found for us to work together at Scrapbook USA to give back to our community.

If you have not been involved with our Care With Cards & Crafts program in the past, please consider putting something together and bringing it to the show in March. You can get an overview of things HERE.

Earlier this week I highlighted cards for soldiers and card kits. Both are great! Today we are talkin blankets and hats!

Hats: Without even asking for them, each show I have had a few donated. So, why not make it official! Huntsman Cancer Institute is always taking them so if you crochet, this one is for you. If you don't crochet, that is ok! You can sew them or use a crochet hat loom. ALSO, stop by our Care With Cards booth and we will have a "Make-N-Donate" area. Sit a minute and do a couple of rows on one of our hat looms OR check out a loom and take it back to your table and while visiting with friends, take a break from scrappin and work on a hat. The great thing about the looms is that we can pass them around and everyone can do a few rows. Before we know it, we will have hats!

One other note on that, if you crochet flowers, please make some and donate them. They would look great on the hats that we loom at the show. I can crochet hats but not flowers (I am a beginner) so some embellishments would be fantastic!


Huntsman Cancer Institute & The Bone Cancer Center: A blanket is given to each new patient when diagnosed with cancer. Hundreds of blankets from Scrapbook USA Attendees have already been given as a comfort to these patients as they begin their new journey. When selecting fabric remember there are kids and adults as well as male and female who are cancer patients, so a variety of fabrics are helpful.

2 of the hundreds of blankets that were donated in 2013

 Used items cannot be accepted.

 Blankets and hats can be dropped off at the show to our Care with Cards & Crafts booth inside the show. Remember, for each item you donate, you receive a raffle ticket!
Darling blankets! Can't wait to see what comes in this March!

Here is a letter I received from Huntsman Cancer Institute after our March 2013 show donations were delivered:

Thank you so much for the wonderful donations you brought yesterday.  We have started passing out some of the journals and the patients have marveled at the creativity of the volunteers that put those together.  Majority will go to our intensive care patients. 

The blankets are absolutely fun and festive.  I know our infusion and bone marrow transplant patients will love those.  I found the bags you mentioned, how cute and yes we can definitely add a blanket and other donated goodies to those to hand out to the patients. 

This has been a great connection Kristin, I cannot thank you enough.  The patients are truly appreciative and the smiles we get when they receive the gifts are priceless.  It lifts their spirits, even if for a moment.

So thank you, thank you.  Please pass along our gratitude to all your crafters, they make a huge impact on the lives of our cancer patients.

 Thanks so much for supporting Scrapbook USA and Care with Cards & Crafts! See you March 28-29!!!

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