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Jan 28, 2014

Cards: Operation Write Home and Cards For Soldiers

Operation Write Home is the most popular organization we have been donating to, and for good reason. They are top-notch!

Millions of cards have been sent to soldiers through Operation Write Home and we are thrilled to support them.


Cards for Soldiers is another fantastic organization. They are smaller but still serve the same purpose.

The cards we ship are blank on the inside and are shipped straight to our soldiers who are able to pick them up for free and use them to correspond home with their loved ones. They are able to ship the cards at no charge through the US Postal Service.

 Click by each organizations logo above to go directly to their site to find out more about them but in a nutshell here are the guidelines if you would like your card to go to Operation Write Home or Cards for Soldiers:

*4.25X5.5 size cards ONLY. This is 1/2 of a 8.5X11 sheet
*NO GLITTER-It is a safety concern for the soldiers and they won't be sent. I get at least 100 every show that are gorgeous but also very glittery. No problem for the Juvenile Detention Center, so they are donated, but they will not go to the soldiers. You can use stickles or glitter pens are fine as long as the glitter does not rub off. that does not rub off.
*No store bought cards
*Nothing handwritten-if you personalize it on the back it WILL NOT be accepted by Operation Write Home but will be accepted by Cards For Soldiers. Just try to avoid this if at all possible.
*Thickness- Remember these are shipped USPS, keep the thickness to a minimum so it can safely travel through the mail system.
*Quality-Quality is much more important than quantity. Use quality product and make sure everything is adequately attached.
*Include Envelopes-Please include envelopes if at all possible (white, cream or tan).
*White Lining- If you use dark cardstock for the card, that is fine just please "line" the inside of the card with white cardstock so the soldiers can actually write inside the card with a regular pen.

Donated in October by Brittany A. during our Card Challenge

Birthday (General)
Thinking of You
Miss You
Love (General)
Holidays: Valentines, Easter/Spring, Halloween, Thanksgiving/Fall, Christmas/Winter

The best cards are those that have a long shelf life, meaning that they can be used at various times throughout the year.

Remember: While there are many women in the military, there are more men. Try to keep the themes as "neutral" as possible since we do not know who giver is or who the receiver is. That does not mean that pink swirls are out, just make a blue card for every pink card :).

Each card that goes to Operation Write Home needs to be packaged a certain way with a stamp on the back. You are welcome to help out with this process at the show (in fact we would love it). Just stop by the Care With Cards booth and let them know you have a minute or two to give.

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